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No Peeking Final

East Meets West 2018

A series of limited edition artworks which explores the dualism of Japanese culture both within its own society and its inexorable links with Western culture. Internal and external relationships are challenged using philosophical and material references from both East and West.

The foundations of the imagery are inspired by traditional and contemporary Japanese art forms which capture the spirit of their time and juxtaposed against elements of exaggeration, fantasy, parody and satire.

Each of series also explores and employs different techniques and mediums to create imagery that plays with layers and challenges the perception of printmaking and photography as inherently two Dimensional.

Limited Edition Prints
Pigment Ink on Archival Fine Art Paper Edition of 3 134cm x 87.5cm (framed) Edition of 5 100xm x 64cm (framed) * Variable sizes, please enquire P.O.A